An Unfurling

We all pass through many portals through our life. Some passages are part of growth, like learning to ride a bike or graduating from school, some come with age like birthdays and grandchildren, and many are the result of the choices we make for ourselves or what the Universe chooses to bring to us. Have you ever woken up to yourself, or stopped in a moment and became aware of a difference in yourself or the way you perceive the world? That's a portal too.

Lux et Umbra was created to bear witness to you as you move through those portals. Being able to stop and acknowledge the change, greet it with openness and curiosity (even when you are unsure of what's next), and document the moment to look back on when needed is a wonderful, powerful tool for making and keeping positive change in your life.

In my mind's eye I see many life portals in a theatrical, dramatic setting (what can I say, I'm a theatre kid!). I often see a stone wall with a cast iron arch leading to a sunlit forest beyond. On the iron arch, roses grow. I see them bud and bloom gracefully, petals unfurling, their scent and beauty unmatched. Witnessing people in the midst of beautiful, challenging changes is a lot like seeing that rosy arch. I am breathless with wonder and awe.

If you are in the process of unfurling, I bless you and send you grace. I encourage you to pause and look around as you do, even if pausing is hard. Witnessing yourself is so important at this time. You are moving through your portal with a halo upon your head, the mark the Universe gives at moments of highest power. Don't miss it.

These images were taken at our early Spring Halo Session, where we reflected on change and grace. There is another session coming in June.