Holding space for each other’s journey in a group setting is a powerful way to manifest positive, lasting change. Every Lux et Umbra day-long experience is different, but they all have the power of transformative portrait as their core. 

In addition to creating a magical portrait, you might:

  • Weave a floral crown full of your intention
  • Receive a shaman's blessing
  • Take a silent hike to a perfect waterfall
  • Dance to your favorite song - or maybe sing it at the top of your lungs.
  • Experience a sound healing
  • Make a mandala or other sacred symbol of your journey
  • Learn about plants and flowers and how they nourish the soul

Gathering sizes are always intimate and have a staff-to-attendee ratio that allows for individual attention.

Retreats are expanded, weekend-long versions of LeU's workshops held at beautiful resorts and private homes in the United States and England.

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