Let me Recognize the Truth When it is Heard.

I have this little saying posted at the office, in notebooks and cards. It has been with me for decades. And it is super powerful.

Have you ever struggled with clarity around a person, a situation, a decision? I do , often. It is in my nature at times of not-knowing to lean into the feelings in order to chart a course, because even when I have all the logical rational stuff set out in front of me it is often not enough.

That can make it tricky. Because my well-meaning heart and the swirling energy of deciding can flat-out lie, telling me all kinds of stuff that is more of what I want to hear rather than what I need to hear, or showing me what I want to see rather than what's actually visible.

To counteract that and get to the real clear view, I have a technique that I use. Maybe it will help you!

A lovely little card by Caitlin Keegan - hoping for the clarion call of truth.

A Flow for Making Guided decisions

Get Quiet.

Oh, easier said than done, especially when you are in the jitter jumble of decisions. But If you can do it, it truly helps. Find a space where you can sit comfortably supported and quiet. Headphones can help! Breathe deep and close your eyes.


Decision making can pull us from our moorings, and the last thing you need is to be seasick. Find something to focus on that you are rock-solid about, and let the feeling of sureness envelop you. If you are having trouble finding something solid, try asking yourself 'What do I know For Sure?' It can also help to imagine roots growing from your feet and anchoring into the earth.


Think about the circumstances surrounding your decision as if it is a movie and you are in the audience, safe and warm with an XL popcorn and the drink of your choice. Remember, it is just in your mind's eye so you are safe, and you can detach a little from it for now. Just watch and reflect. See if you have enough information to create a good show. If not, you might want to get more details and try again.


You've gotten quiet, grounded, reflected. Now's the time to use my handy phrase. Ask it out loud, and let your voice seal it in your body. "Let me recognize the truth when it is heard." And "Let me recognize the truth when it is seen." You might say it a couple of times.


Congratulations! You've just done some powerful course correcting. But you have to let it do its magic. If you can, wait a little bit before you act. Watchfully wait, because now that you've asked to see things clearly you will indeed recognize what looks and feels right. When the time is right, act.

It is just amazing how you can draw information in just by asking for it. I believe that we have all the answers in there somewhere, and it is just a matter of shaking them free. Sometimes I have to use this process multiple times as I move through choices. But it always helps. I hope it brings you the same clarity.

May you recognize the truth!