The Winter is Passing

It is far from gone, but the transformation has begun. Walking along the river, the ice slides and cracks in the tidal current. Some puddles are still holding a thin layer of frozen danger, but many are just cold water, seeping into the ground and making mud that already faintly smells like the fertile dirt of the thaw.

Spring is on the way.

We've passed through Imbolc; that happened in February. If you had a moment to get quiet and place your ears to the spiritual belly of the planet, you might have have been aware of the change. I've often heard it referred to as the quickening, the moment when first movement is noticeable, a trickle of life, a seed beginning to germinate. The earth thaws, and with it comes sap and seedling, awakenings and births, eventually greening, and flowering. By the time we're in full leaf and flower, life seems everywhere, but it is important to remember that even now, in the cold months, that life is here too, just in a smaller and quieter way, waiting.

I love to think about the Persephone myth at this time of the year, and I have a story constructed around the lovely dear heart of Persephone, and all the warmth and return to joy that her return represents. The rejuvenation she brings to her mother, Demeter, and the rejuvenation she in turn, brings to the land - Spring. I imagine Persephone, in her long and lonely solo journey back to the surface after her 6 months in the underworld, moving slowly through a layer of ice and cold, pushing against frozen things, trying hard not to slip, journeying carefully but intently, determined to make it back into her mother's arms once more. Maybe clutching dried flowers from the year before, a promise of return she's kept on her bedside in the underworld, reminding, reassuring. Reaching the surface. Melting. Thawing. Bringing heat and light.

I love the Winter for the dark and the quiet of it, a time to rest and plan, move slowly, prepare. And I love the raucous abundance of Spring of course. But my favorite time is now, this liminal time, this transitional portal, not quite one or the other, a place of promise and preparation.

I hope that you find some transformational energy manifesting for you right now. I love this blog post by my friends Chrissy and Lauren about this time of year, you might enjoy it too: Spring

Some of the interesting things I've been incubating over the winter:

I am in the process of certifying in Lifebreath, a high level transformational tool that uses "breath" to assist people in their physical, mental, and emotional journey. It is both powerful and spiritual in nature and based on a mixture of ancient breathing methods. Soon, I will add Lifebreath sessions to my offerings. I hope you will join me to experience this powerful, deceptively simple modality.

Secondly, I am also in the process of training to be a death doula. More on that in another post, but it is truly life-transforming and I cannot wait to share it with you. Did you know that you can skip the graveyard and choose a forest instead? You can! Eternal Roots

Much warmth to you.