Our existence, in the day-to-day simplicity of it, feels so real that we are often barely aware of it. We move through life without giving much thought to waking, eating, working, talking, moving from here to there. All the normalities of daily life can slip by easily and unnoticed.


So when something shakes us from our routine and shows us that the world is composed of more than our own path, the disruption can seem big and abrupt, or absurd and out of place, or some other combination of weird and conspicuous. It’s like a window opens in solid walls and shows an alternate reality. Sometimes, that disruption comes right in through the glass and has an effect that stays for days, weeks, months. But often after the initial startle, the window shade goes back down without fuss, and before long we’ve forgotten and moved back into our personal groove without much change, if any.


Here’s a what if, though.


What if those shake-up moments are not creating a window, but a door? What if those glimpses are an invitation to change your view, see some new scenery for a while, maybe even choose a new destination? And what if there are many many more doors like that opening in your life, not just every day, but every moment, perhaps even with every breath? You might not even need to walk through and close that door behind you to get a new sense of things. Standing on the threshold and leaning out with a hand on the knob might be enough. Noticing the doors and considering their invitation is the most important start.

There is a saying: The point of power is in the present moment. If you consider that each moment gives way to the next, you can see each moment as a door to another place, a place of choice and infinite potential. Can you manifest the incredible five seconds from now by deciding to shift vision? Well, no. But also, yes!  Slipping sideways into another reality is as easy as deciding to move in that direction. Will there be work to get to a new place? Of course, but it can be done, moment by moment. Which also means bit by bit. If even some small percentage of your daily life is lived in that new reality, that percentage is given the opportunity to grow and flourish. Eventually, it will have an owner’s stake in your life. All because you answered the call when it came.


An exercise. Go to a coffee shop, a busy street, or a supermarket. Anywhere you will see people moving through their day. Consider that each one of them has a path and is living a life that is completely unique, based on the choices they make. All that beautiful, wild, infinite potential. Every second in their life is a chance for something new. Limitless potential. Points of power.

Hey, is that the doorbell?