Under a full moon in February, A time for reflection

Insight: When Darkness Meets Light

is a full moon workshop that will quiet your soul and awaken your intuitive energies.

The Snow Moon is a perfect time for self-reflection, to consider the rebirth that has already begun deep within the earth, and what that means for you! Join Cynthia of Lux et Umbra Art and Chrissy of Wild Sea Wellness for this special evening of mindfulness.

Using water, light, and reflection, Chrissy and Cynthia will guide you on a meditative journey to a place where you are empowered to ask questions and seek answers within your own heart. During the session, we will use reflected light, glistening water, stones, glass and bright metals as divining tools. While Chrissy guides you into a meditative state, we will move the light and submerge into our deeper consciousness. Cynthia will create long exposure imagery to inspire and illuminate your soul long after the gathering has ended. The images that result will be yours to keep as a talisman and testament to your inner knowing.

To share the light, a portion of your ticket price will be donated to HAWC. HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) strives to help abused women, children, men, and nonbinary people live free from violence and fear. HAWC provides a domestic violence helpline, emergency shelter, legal services, advocacy and counseling services to more than 2,500 families in the North Shore area each year.

The suggested donation for this session is $81, payable at the door via cash, PayPal or Venmo and includes:

• Reflection and Intuition with Chrissy and Cynthia 

• A bowl and crystal for divining at home - yours to keep!

• A beautiful online gallery of downloadable images from the event personalized for you.

For everyone's safety, we require proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test on the day of event.


It is our hope that your experience will bring you more into alignment, provide insight and as always, remind you of the magick that lives within you. 


Cyn and Chrissy